Lost Women of History: Italian Renaissance, Italy, Fall 2023!

Lost Women of History: Italian Renaissance, Italy, Fall 2023!

The Renaissance was a cultural rebirth that began in Italy and spread throughout Europe between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. The rediscovery of Greek and Roman literature and art spawned new ideas, new educational opportunities, scientific discoveries, and the explosion of artistic creativity. This cultural climate inspired male individuals to excel in a wide variety of disciplines such as that of soldier, poet, musician, politician, and scholar – the making of a true ‘Renaissance Man.’ But what about the women of this awe-inspiring era?  The expansion of humanist ideas and education provided new opportunities to a particular class of women as well.

Despite the many constraints placed upon women during this time in history, a surprising number of Italian women rose to prominence who would fit the description of a ‘Renaissance Woman’! Many of these women also excelled in particular fields to be counted among the greats along with their male counterparts as artists, writers, army commanders, and religious reformers.

Culture Honey Touring invites you to come and discover these gifted and inspiring women amidst the beauty of Italy. Visit their palatial homes in Rome, Florence, and Naples, view their portraits, get acquainted with their friends, and learn about their lives and accomplishments. Join historian, Catherine Hommes, and Culture Honey’s founder and editor-in-chief, Georgia Sanders along the boulevards and alleys they have traveled in their quest to discover women such as Vittoria Colonna, Giulia Gonzaga, and the truth about Lucrezia Borgia, among others. Tour scheduled for late spring, 2022. Mark you calendars!

Space will be limited to twelve openings per tour, with two tours being scheduled.  Email today to indicate your interest in our upcoming tours and to receive further information as it develops!

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Join us as we follow in the footsteps of Lost Women of History, Italian Renaissance! Two tours will be offered in early Fall 2023!  Details will follow!